Are you looking to start your business, relocate your business or grow your current business. The Municipality of Shawville can assist you with your needs.

We offer:

  • affordable private rental and private real estate;
  • knowledgeable friendly workforce;
  • high speed internet;
  • Telecommunications; and
  • Zero business tax incentives for businesses

Please contact the Town Hall for more information on making Shawville your business choice. 819-647-2979.

Check out our local Chamber of Commerce

For information in regards to financial business assistance:

  • SADC PONTIAC To stimulate and support local economic growth with financial, coaching and management tools for entrepreneurs and with facilitation, leadership and organizational tools for community groups and leaders.
  • CLD PONTIAC – The role of the CLD Pontiac is to facilitate the economic development of the MRC Pontiac. In addition to the technical and financial support services we offer Pontiac entrepreneurs, the CLD Pontiac also supports the development of sports and leisure activities, is responsible for the implementation of the cultural policy, organization of the cultural environment, tourism development and promotion, and all activities related to the Rural Pact.