Family Policy Commitee

The Family Policy Committee was established to assure good quality of life for families it is an action plan that derived from the Government of Quebec and created  by option in various municipalities. 

The Municipality of Shawville combined with Portage-Du-Fort met together for  18 months to review and establish the action items that are defined in the presentation below, additional information on the committee can be located on the MRC Pontiac website.

The actions will assist to help the partners to work together to have a guideline that favors families. It will clearly identify family needs and propose possible solutions in collaboration with the partner for the Shawville area.

The family is the fundamental social institution which gathers the individuals bound by birth or by choice within a household,within a domestic unit or within a community. This definition also includes the people living alone, that might have family links without necessarily living under the same roof.

Please see the following document that was presented at the Public Family Policy Committee meeting that was held on September 21, 2011. We are asking the public for their feedback on the committee its findings and the proposed action items. Please direct your comments to the Town Hall office clearly indentifity that it is with regards to the Family Policy Commmittee, our email is

Shawville and Portage-du-Fort Community

PRFI Shawville Sandra Murray
PRFI Portage-du-Fort Leslie Brinkworth
DG Shawville Crystal Webb
DG Portage Tracey Hérault
Family Clarendon Amy Taylor
Family Shawville Kristina Misener & Heather Duggan
Youth Shawville Vacant
Youth Portage-du-Fort Austin Smith & Kayla Farrell
Family Portage-du-Fort Emilie Thompson
Aîné Shawville Dale Thomson & Joan Conrod
Family Portage-du-Fort JoAnn Brinkworth
Family Portage-du-Fort Steve Gauthier
Family Portage-du-Fort Lilias Hewitt
Aîné Portage-du-Fort Cecile Essiambre
Family Portage-du-Fort Meaghan Manwell
Family Portage-du-Fort Beverly Guindon
Family Portage-du-Fort Lil Murphy
Family Portage-du-Fort Darlene Wright
Partenaire/consultant Arnold Classen
École McDowell Nancy Arniotis ou rep. parental
Pontiac High School Eldon Keon ou rep. parental
CSSS Pontiac Emily Taylor
Shawville & Dist. RA ou QEF Wendy Hearty
Association paroissiale Fr. Basil Tanguay
Association des artistes du Pontiac Dale Schutt et Geraldine Classen
MRC de Pontiac Danielle Belec